As your organization grows in Canada, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage the Sales and Marketing requirements necessary to ensure continued growth. Managing Canada from a regional office, while relying on your local sales broker to be your "arms and legs" on the ground in Canada will never provide the focus necessary to generate the growth and return your organization needs or deserves. At North South, we have deep experience driving accountability into sales, marketing and broker sold organizations.  We can be your Country Managers without all the costs and risks associated with setting up a Canadian Head Office. You get the benefit of seasoned senior executives at a fraction of the cost you would incur if you were to hire them individually. Let us show you how easy and affordable outsourced country management can be.


The broker and distributor landscapes continue to consolidated to the point where many are now owned by large, international organizations. These international firms are dictating how clients will be managed in Canada.  Long gone are the days where great customer service at a fair and equitable price exists. Of course the large multi-national organizations continue to receive great service as they bring in a significant amount of revenue, but small and medium sized companies are faced with brokers that are overloaded with conflicting priorities and who charge high monthly fixed costs even if your organization has yet to land its first major listing. At North South, we only represent a select few clients where we provide focus and accountability while ensuring fair and equitable pricing plans. Allow us the opportunity to assess your current broker model and see if we could build a more efficient and effective go to market solution that puts you, the customer first. 



With the on-going consolidation of the Canadian retail landscape, the Top 5 retailers now make up over 80% of all grocery sales in Canada. These customers are sophisticated merchants, marketeers and have a keen eye for the bottom line. The very best people in most organizations are assigned these accounts in order to properly manage the high demands and complexities these retailers present. At North South, we recognize that in order to be successful with your customers today, experienced senior sales and marketing executives are best suited to take on the challenge posed by these sophisticated customers. We provide only the best qualified senior executives to represent your brands.  


At North South, we firmly believe that in today’s competitive retail environment, you must have a “rock solid” business plan in order to be successful. Creating a great plan starts with an assessment of your market/category that if done correctly will yield insights that will shape your brands strategies and form the foundation of your successful “Go to Market” strategy. This is especially important for new brands penetrating the marketplace for the first time. Retail customers demand a fact based argument that shows how your brand will deliver incremental category profits. If you can’t show this in a fact based way, your chances of obtaining support are slim to none. 

At North South Management we have been building fact based “Go to Market” plans for many years. Contact us for your free market scan and let us help you build the right strategic foundation and activation plan for your brand’s introduction to the Canadian marketplace.